Our Story

Hey You Beautiful!

We’re just two chicks that started dreaming up ideas about how our lives could be transformed post COVID-19 pandemic.

Who wasn’t dreaming of what you should’ve, would’ve, could do on the other side of terror.

We sketched, pecked, wrecked our brains and before long…

One of us retired after 25 years working for the school system; the other purged her life to make room for something she’s always wanted to do.

And wallah... DoYou4Less was born!

A women empowerment fashion brand that inspires and empower women to look, live, thrive and Do You!

Oh, and it helps if you can do you for less too!

Look, while we’re still figuring it all out, there’s one thing we know for sure…

You can’t be everything to everybody; nor should you.. But what you can do, is simply YOU.

So Do You and give you all you’ve got!

Oh, and look cute doing you in one of our fav tees : )